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Yew could start an argument ’n an empty house.”
WAYNESBURG – A local stablishmint will be hostyun' a speshul event un Saturdee, Nov. 8 at will off'r a full day o'greet musick, terrific food an' wunderful raffles, all fer a rilly good cawz. Tommy Boys Tavern, locatid at 120… Continue reading
Wile youngns roun Armstrong Kuntry will be goin doer-ta-doer fer can'y un Hallowee, sevrul Smicksburg businesses will be busy lightyun' t'furst Yule log o't' seesen. T' Smicksburg Old Fashyunet Kuntry Christmus celebrashun will be helt today through Sundy un Eas… Continue reading
Christmus Wish(Photo: File)As o'Thirsdee afternoon, applicatyuns include apperximatelee 782 youngns frum 364 famblies who will nairy have a Christmus gift without hep frum t'Christmus Wish program. At’s a slew o'wurk n' a shert time — six weeks ta be exact… Continue reading
T' exhibit “Common Groun” at t'Rock an' Roll Hall o'Fame. Rock an' Roll Hall o'Fame Frydee Magazine 2Do Calendar fer Frydee, Oct 31 Fairmount Temple. 23737 Fairmount Blvd., Beechwuod. 216-464-8918. Fairmount Temple Earlee Chilthood Cant'r Holiday Boutikwe. 8:30 a.m.-1 p.m.… Continue reading
Flerida kids air uset ta a Christmus without snoe, but since 2012 thay’ve bee bull ta fake it at Busch Gardens’ Christmus Town. Nairy thishere year. Relatid Noose/Archif' 1 Month Ago 2 Munths Ago 6 Munths Ago T' Tampa theme… Continue reading
Durin Thirsdee’s episode o'T' Real Stery wit Gretche Carlsen, host Gretche Carlsen suggestid un multiple occasyuns at t'White Trayler wuz manipulatyun' t'price o'gasoline ta possiblee hep out n' t'midterm electyuns. N' typickull Fox Noose fashun, Carlsen didn’t say outriite… Continue reading
Las-minnut holiday shoppers, take note. If'n y'all plun ta ord'r Christmus gifts online thishere year, y'all’ll lackly neet ta do it earli'r thun las. Neerly 79 persent o'retailers will rekwire customers ta place orders un er befor Dec.… Continue reading
I preciate t'idee behin politickull cerrectness. It has hepped t'way folk interact wit one anoth'r an' favers inclusiveness o'individuals an' cultchurs ofte malignet by socidey. Sumtimes, howev'r, it has becum exclusyunree. One eggzample o't' reversal o'intent has becum contantiyus an'… Continue reading

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