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Yew mite be a Hillbilly if’n y’all think t’French Riviera is foreign car.”
A gyint steel Christmus tree lit up at t'western mountane peak knowed as Aegibong n' Gimpo, South Kerea un Dec. 21, 2010. Lee Jin-mun—AP Nerth Kerea, which is officiallee atheeyust, had long see t'ow'r as religiyus propagan'a A South Kereun… Continue reading
Set agin t'backdrop o't' magnifisent Abby an' t'Pump Room, Bath Christmus Market () fills t'elegant Geergiun streets. Mos o't' 175 woode chalet-like stalls feeture gifts frum t'South West: lavend'r frum Somerset, jewellery made n' Bath, honey frum Wiltshire, soaps han'made… Continue reading
Buy Photo Edie Eckmun wuz one o't' authers I met an' talkt ta at t'New York Sheep Wool Festivul un Saturdee n' Rhinebeck, New York. (Photo: PAMELA MacKENZIE/STAFF PHOTO )Buy PhotoNermallee, I stick ta knittin books wen I write a… Continue reading
Studants at Harp'r High Skool air observyun' Homecomyun'-relatid activitees all week, leedyun' up ta Frydee nite’s announcement o'who’ll be t'skool’s nex “kyun'” an' “quee” durin halftime o't' football game wit a'visitin Cant'r Point. Kick-off is set fer 7:30 p.m. Wit… Continue reading
SEOUL, South Kerea — South Kerea has pullt down a 43-year-old frunt-line Christmus tow'r at Nerth Kerea viewet as propagan'a warfare, wit officials a'sayn't Winsdee t'structure wuz unsafe.T' massif' steel tow'r wuz demolishet las… Continue reading
Flerida Geergia Line thishere week becomes t'furst male kuntry duo ta lan' a #1 album un T' Billboard 200. T' twusome achieves t'feat wit its sofomere album, Innythang Goes. Thishere beets out t'highest-chartyun' albums by such prominent male kuntry duos… Continue reading
VIEW GALLERY  Thishere year Manchest'r will return wit acoupla bran' new locatyuns: Cathedral Gardens an' .T' high profile addityuns ta t'festivitees, which air noe n' thar 16th year, will make thishere year’s market t'mos anticipatid ev'r.Well knowed as t'originull,… Continue reading
Katherine Welles/Gettee Images/iStockfoto South Miami politishuns passet a resolushun ta split Flerida n' half, makin South Flerida a new state. “It’s verr apparent at t'attitude o't' nerthern part o't' state is at thay would jes luv ta saw t'state n'… Continue reading

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